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Florida Fish Print Painting


I was just in Florida, where we were staying at a friend’s condo in Jupiter Beach.  We wanted to leave a thank you gift for their generosity, but it seemed impossible to communicate how thankful we truly were.  Between the three of us, we decided to make a painting.  It was a really fun project, and for those of us a little more unsure with the paintbrush a couple cold beverages were really helpful.  It turned into a really fun project and the owners of the condo have it up on their wall and love it.


Here’s how to:

We started by painting a blue ocean-ish background.  Then we took a fish from the farmers market, painted its sides, and slapped it on the blue background.  It didn’t really print as nice as we were hoping that it would.  Even though we were printing red paint on top of a blue background, the paint was too transparent to really pop off the background as desired.  We decided to then paint a solid peach/orange block over the previously printed area.  This served as a background for another print attempt.  This time, the feel of the scales came off and translucently added the true fish feeling to the painting.

We wanted to add some flair to the painting to give it some visual draw, so we embellished the fins and eye of the fish to give it a unique feel.  We were really happy with the way it turned out.  Now it hangs in the bedroom of the condo and the owners think of us when they see it… everyone’s happy.