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Simple Time Lapse Video – GoPro Hero2

On the way home from work yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice the awesome sunset behind downtown SF. I pulled off the freeway on Treasure Island and tried my hand at a simple time lapse video using my GoPro HERO2 camera. I literally plopped the camera down on a rock, set it to time lapse, and let it rip. I ended up with about 360 photos taken 10 seconds apart on the 8MP MED FOV setting. After getting home, I put the card into my computer, loaded Quicktime Pro, and used the Image Sequence option. Tell it what FPS you want (I used 30fps), and it does all the work.

I’m pretty pumped with the result, especially considering I’d actually bring this camera with me on adventures and not worry about it getting damaged like my DSLR. Being that the camera is primarily marketed as an HD video camera, it’s an added bonus to have features like this. Check out the full setting options on or run a quick search on Google.

December 21, 2011 Winter Solstice Sunset in SF

San Francisco Sunset Time Lapse – Winter Solstice 2011 from Trevor Fox on Vimeo.


Grizzly Ranch Time Lapse Test

Grizzly Ranch – Portola, CA 11/12/2011 from Trevor Fox on Vimeo.