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Pake C’Mute Frame Up Bike Build – Seatpost and Saddle

Forte Union Brown Saddle FI

Part 3 – Installing the seatpost and saddle

 Forte Union Brown Saddle

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Choosing a seatpost and saddle was relatively easy. I knew I wanted a silver seatpost and a brown seat.

Although there are a surprising amount of seatpost variations (setback, length, clamp style), I found the two most important things to be the seatpost diameter (match your frame) and the ability to have micro-adjustment (versus a single clamp bolt) to control the seat angle. Rather than shelling out good money for a highly recommended Thompson seatpost (that cost more than many of the more important components of my build), I hit ebay and located a great one made by Velo Orange. It was the Grand Cru Long Setback Seatpost (27.2mm x 300mm).

Forte Union Brown Saddle back

The saddle was a tougher choice in that once I spotted the amazing Brooks Saddles, it was hard to find anything that was really comparable. However,  I decided that getting a Brooks saddle was not practical due to the fact that in Oakland, they apparently disappear faster than the value of Facebook (too soon?). After looking around, I settled on a synthetic leather saddle made by Forte (Union Brown Saddle) I found on clearance at Performance Bike. If it makes it a couple of months, I’ll consider upgrading and making a bike chain security device to wrap around the seat and frame (see diy on Instructables here).

Before installing the seatpost, I put a thin layer of anti-seize to prevent any welding of the parts once installed. I also added some Phils grease to the clamp bolt threads and installed the seat parallel to the top tube. Once you test ride the bike, you can adjust the fore-aft placement of the seat on the seatpost and the angle of the seat.

Pake C'Mute Forte Saddle

Build Weight Totals

Pake C’Mute Frame – 2551 grams

Pake C’Mute Fork – 1030 grams

Wheelset – 1814 grams

Tires – 500 grams

Inner tubes – 180 grams

Saddle – 330 grams

Seatpost – 285 grams

Next week’s post covers the crankset, bottom bracket, and cassette.