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Vintage Bar Cart Rehab

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Bar Cart

For as long as I can remember, my grandparents have had an awesome wrought iron bar cart in their backyard. While us kids swam in the pool, my parents and grandparents often gathered around the cart to fix their favorite cocktails (gin and tonics mostly) while manning the bbq nearby. Twenty plus years later, when we moved from our small apartment in the city to our house in the Oakland suburbs, my parents surprised us with the old cart on moving day, sent up by my “Pa” and “Remah” from LA.

The cart’s paint was faded and chipped from years outside in the elements and the glass top was dated and cracked. It was clearly pleading for a makeover, and became one of our first rehab/diy projects in the burbs.

Cherry Wood Top

We decided we wanted to paint the cart navy blue and replace the glass top with wood. We took on this project before acquiring several of the key power tools required to cut and sand the wood to the necessary size (like we did recently for the IKEA Hack Buffet). So instead, we located a seller on ebay that makes custom cutting boards to any dimension, and commissioned a cherry board to fit the top. Had we had a little more experience with spray paint at the time, we likely would have gone a different route for the color change (or invested in a HVLP paint sprayer a bit earlier), but we decided to use a rattle can none the less. We prepped our garage workshop with a plastic sheet and put on our craft clothes, protective eyeglasses and face mask. We started with two coats of spray primer. Once dry, we then applied four+ coats of navy spray paint, using up two cans for the whole cart. After 48 hours of drying time, we brought the cart into our dining room (next to our farmhouse table), placed the cherry wood top on and unloaded our favorite bottles and assorted barware.

With it’s fresh new look, the cart has brought an interesting touch of color and function to the corner of the dining room as well as fun memories of my childhood summers spent in the pool.

Rehab Bar Cart


Vintage Bar Cart Rehab