Fox and Hammer was created as our bastion into the internet. It is a soap box for us Foxes to share our musings with you… the internets. We hope to inspire people to read, learn, expand and most importantly get up and do.


@TFoxSF (aka. Trevor Fox)

When I realized that I had become a junkie for forum based websites, I decided that I needed to consolidate and have a place that I can share my experiences and concentrate on some unique aspects of my hobbies. I will primarily use this blog to chronicle my Homebrewing, BMW e46 repairs, and DIY projects. Oh yeah — and because I live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, you might catch some local news and general shenanigans.

Specialties: All things beer, pneumatic tools, HQ craftsmanship, & anything else eagle scouts are experts at.


@GFoxTrot (aka. Graham T. Fox)

I’m no eagle scout… in fact I think I got disinvited to cub scouts, but I am making up for lost time. Once upon a time, an architecture student, I am a visual and spatial entusiast. I love light, design, art, backpacking, and food. As the certified geek, I enjoy tinkering with furniture as much as that glowing box you’re reading from right now.

Specialties: Design, art, food, mac, & learning.